Bibliography of Anthologies of Primary Sources on the First Crusade

Barber LFE

Barber, M. and Keith Bate.  (2013).  Letters from the East: Crusaders Pilgrims and Settlers in the 12th-13th Centuries

[Letters §1-10 on First Crusade]

Brundage CDS

Brundage, James, (1962). The Crusades: A Documentary Survey.

[p 1-68 on First Crusade]

Eidelberg JCH

Eidelberg, Shlomo, (1996).  The Jews and the Crusaders: Hebrew Chronicles of the First and Second Crusades

Gabrieli AHC

Gabrieli, Francesco, (1969).  Arab Historians of the Crusades.

[First Crusade p 18-84]

Krey FCA

Krey, A. (1921). The First Crusade: the Accounts of Eyewitnesses and Participants

[in the public domain]

Peters FCC

Peters, Edward. (1998). The First Crusade: The Chronicle of Fulcher of Chartres and Other Source Materials. 2nd ed.   

Riley-Smith CIR

Riley-Smith, Louise and Jonathan, (1981). The Crusades: Idea and Reality, 1095-1274.

[preaching of the First Crusade, p 37-91].

Rubenstein FCD

Rubenstein, Jay, (2104). The First Crusade: A Brief History with Documents.  

Tyerman CFC

Tyerman, C. (2012). Chronicles of the First Crusade.  

Wilkinson JP1

Wilkinson, J (1988). Jerusalem Pilgrimage, 1099-1185.

[pp. 87-119 on the era of the First Crusade.]